savoy gardens

Savoy Gardens
Owner Name:
Mary Buffo

2525 E. 93rd N.
Valley Center, KS 67147

(316) 640-7986

Booth #:
36 Contact Us Via Email
Markets We Attend:
Main Market 21st & Ridge
Sedgwick County Ext. Office
Types of Products:
  • Produce
About Us:

Farm Fresh Cut Flowers from mid-April thru mid-Oct. Stall #36. This is our 25th year with this farmer's market!! As always, I am planting new plant material that I have never heard of! AND more types and colors of the popular Lisianthus! Check out the new Basil varieties, and expanded types of spring planted snaps! The list below is just a partial listing, to give you an idea of when the usual crops come on. There are just too many to list here!!! +We would love to help supply you with the flowers you need to make any event special. Wedding Planners- come and see us about what is available for your event. Everyone should try Lisianthus with its 2wk vase life! + All local grown and sold right here! +Buy local, fresh, flowers.........its "Hippy Chic' "! Products: April-Snapdragons, Dianthus, Calendula, Lilacs May-Snaps,Dianthus, Statice, Campanula, Godetia, Peonies, Iris.....and more! Check us out for Mother's Day. Lots of choices for Memorial Day too! June-Peonies, Campanula, Godetia, Statice, Trachelium, Basil, and more! July-Lisianthus, Gomphrena, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Celosia, Eryngium, and more! August-Still more Lisianthus! Gomphrena, Basil, Sunflowers, Celosia (crested and plumed!) And of course, more Zinnias! Sept.-Zinnias, Celosia, Gomphrena, Basil, Sunflowers....and so much more!! Softball size "cockscomb" is so impressive! October- We attend thru mid-Oct. each year, with flowers blooming until frost-and later. High tunnels protect from those early frosts!

Items Sold at Market (Produce)
  • Asparagus
  • Cut Flowers

View Our Photos

  • Passion for Flowers!
  • BIG Celosia!
  • Wow! what color! Rudebeckia triloba, celosias.
  • Peonies, foxglove, snapdragons, and dianthus. A May vase arrangement.
  • Fun at Farmers' Market!
  • Lisianthus, sunflowers, statice, and gladiolas.
  • Campanula just blooming in hightunnel. (May)
  • Dianthus(r), and Bells of Ireland(L) foreground, snaps blooming  in the background.
  • Dianthus about a week later, blooming-notice bells forming on Bells of Ireland.
  • Late in the year, getting ready for fall planted crops to be planted and overwintered.

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