faye farms

Faye Farms
Owner Name:
Heather Faye

4790 11th Rd.
Udall, KS 67146

(316)461-2193 View Our Website Contact Us Via Email
Markets We Attend:
East Wichita
Green Acres Market
Types of Products:
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Meats
About Us:

Faye Farms is a small family farm located in Udall, KS. We strive to raise our animals in a slower and simpler manner. We practice multi-species grazing with dairy cows, hogs, laying hens and meat chickens. All of the food we produce is free from antibiotics, medications or growth hormones. We also make artisan farmstead soaps utilizing ingredients from our farm. Every bar of Faye Farms Soap has creamy milk in it from our herd of Ayrshire cows. We also render lard from our hogs for use in our soaps.

Items Sold at Market (Arts & Crafts)
  • Soap

Items Sold at Market (Meats)
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Eggs

View Our Photos

  • Pastured Hereford Hogs
  • Laying hens on the job!
  • Pastured poultry pen with a nice batch of broilers.

Socialize With Us

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